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Questions about illegal issues like cracks or warez will always result in a permanent ban. The channel is there for you to be able to talk with the demodivision, please respect this and don't make a fool out of yourself. Thanks.

Demoscene Portals - demoscene portal with files (Razor 1911 group page)
Bitfellas - oldschool portal (Razor 1911 group page) - ftp server with demo related material
Defacto2 - scene related portal with news and files
Slengpung - photos from sceners and parties
BitFellas - another well known scene portal
Digitale Kultur - a organization that tries to explain us to others
DemoScene.Info - still no clue what we mean with demos? This site explains it.
Intro-Inferno - a bit outdated lately
Flashtro - intros in flash

DemoScene.TV - view demos online (Razor 1911 page)
TextFiles - Some NFO Files from old Razor 1911 releases
DosBox - Dos Emulator to view our old DOS products
Capped.TV - view demos/intros in browser
docsnyders page - Flash Intros
WikiLeaks Mirror
working BBS in 201X :)

Members pages
Dubmoods Page - webpage of Dubmood^Razor1911 [facebook]
Acets page - webpage of Acet1^Razor1911 [facebook]
REZ on facebook
blz (ex member) on facebook

Razor 1911 on the net
YouTube - Razor 1911 search result
Vimeo - Razor 1911 page
Razor 1911 Blog

WinUAE/PUAE/FrontEnd - Amiga Emulator to see our classic demos on new OS's
Amiga Demoscene Archive
Amiga Demo Archive - Some Amiga Demos to download
Break's Amga Demo Scene Collection - Amiga Cracktros - Amiga Cracktros - Razor 1911 page

csdb - c64 demoscene portal (Razor 1911 group page)
C64 Intros

MSX - The one and only chipmusics page
Kohina - Online music stream
SceneSat - Another scene streaming music station
DemoVibes - Demoscene radio (Nectarine)
Amiga Music Preservation
The Atari SAP Music Archive
HVSC - High Voltage SID Collection
VORC - News about trackers and msx

BitFellas ArtCity


#1476 Preacher
2018-05-07 02:05:51

#1475 Skizo
2018-04-17 23:02:15
Holy shit, talk about a jump to the past, hello y'all :)

#1474 doopbq
2017-10-19 14:06:20
This website is dead, BUT THE SHOUTBOX IS ON FIRE

#1473 MBH
2017-05-03 02:21:51
I love you for everything you did... and still doing! <3

#1472 MBH
2017-05-03 02:21:04
I finally understood how to shout on this shoutbox... :D